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We left Plitvice early as it was going to be an extremely long day and many miles to return to Trogir near Split.
So it was back on the road again )

Click here to wing your way across the Med to Malta.
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Oh what a relief it was to visit the lakes, the air was cooler and from the hotel room, the only sounds you heard were the wind in the trees and the sound of waterfalls. It was a lovely spot. I was so glad we stayed for two nights as it gave us a whole day to explore the lakes and it wasn't just a rushed job.

If you want to know a little about the Plitvice Lakes the Wikipedia entry gives quite a good description of the park -
Plitvice Lakes

I enjoyed the misty coolness and quiet of the morning walk around the lake with very few people on the trails. It was quite definitely a sharp contrast to the heat and crowds of daytrippers in the middle of the day. I took a picture of the line of people coming down one of the trails from the car park above. God it was like a line of ants, neverending and the sheer numbers overwhelming, the full horror of mass tourism. Apart from that it was a truly delightful day and I enjoyed sitting on my balcony in the evening just listening to the water dripping and falling. It was very restful.

Behind the cut is pure picture spam. No need for commentary from me -
Plitvice )

To Pag, Zadar and Trogir
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I was glad to quit the horror of the ashtray room. Thank God it was only for one night, we had a guided tour of Diocletian’s palace in the morning and some free time to wander around Split till the early afternoon and then we were off inland to the Plitvice Lakes in the afternoon. So click here for more of Split and Klis Fortress )

Click here to go to Plitvice, Land of the Falling Lakes
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Again another early day on the road to Split. Click here to split to Split )

Click here for more of Split and the Fortress of Klis
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Early wake up and breakfast and then onto a little mini-van and off to Montenegro )

Splitting to Split
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I left my hotel fairly early, catching the bus to the airport. Charles De Gaulle is a damned sight bigger than it used to be with about three terminals scattered over a huge expanse of countryside. The terminal I left from was certainly the rather odd one I remember arriving at 20 years ago on my first visit to Paris, but other than the rather overwhelming security measures and a certain air of decay it was not very different and was most clearly a product of 1960’s “avant-garde” design. I was shocked to discover that the taxes I had to pay on my air pass were of greater value than the air pass ticket itself.

A long, rather boring wait at the airport and then a reasonably pleasant and quick flight with Air Croatia and touch down at Dubrovnik, or rather the airport nearest to Dubrovnik. It’s a long way out of town. Took a rather expensive taxi trip to my hotel in Lapad, as most of the buses from what I could make out seemed to be just going to Old Dubrovnik and there didn’t seem to be any information freely, it seemed the least hassle. The taxi ride was very pleasant anyway the road snaking along the coastline north to Dubrovnik )
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