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My last morning in Malta was spent mainly in Vittoriosa and Senglea and on the Grand Harbour itself.
The Three Cities )
Then it was off to Catalunya, Stephen's old stamping ground. *g*
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Today after the usual schmozzle when organising the tour coaches we were off to Mdina –

Mdina, Dingli Cliffs and Mosta )

To the Three Cities
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Edward Lear was so impressed with Gozo he had to make up words to describe it. In his soujourn in Gozo in 1866, the English poet Edward Lear described the island's coastal scenery as "pomskizillious and gromphiberrous.there being no other words to describe its magnificence." Yes this is still true today for some of the coast of Gozo. Unfortunately there are places too that are subject to the blight of overdevelopment – Xlendi is an example. I didn’t take one photo of this place. But here is the rest –
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To Mdina,the Dingli Cliffs and Mosta
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My next day in Valletta was spent in the Fine Arts Museum and the Grand Masters Palace.
Valletta Day 2 )
To Gozo
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I flew out of Split to Rome, leaving the huge monster bag at the luggage store at the airport I took my smaller bag and jumped on the train into Rome. The hotel was close to the rail station, a few minutes walk away. I took the train back to the airport and I was on my way to Malta. Took a cab into town, dumped my bags at the hotel and went out to walk the walls of Valletta.
Valletta )

To Valletta Day 2


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