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My last day in Paris. *sigh* First thing had to confirm my flight times for the following day and then took the metro to go to Sacré-Coeur. 20 years ago it was the first thing I went to see in Paris. I landed in Paris, severely jetlagged after a flight across the North Pole and I decided to walk the jet lag off by climbing up the hill to Sacré-Coeur. I thought I saw a statue of the Virgin Mary move but I decided that that was the result of jetlag. This time I took the funicular up the hill instead. I also wanted to avoid the African guys hassling me to buy some horrible cheap tat.
My Last Day in Paris )
Now it is off to the sunny Dalmatian coast.
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I was up early again. It was a brilliant sunny day. I was ready for another morning in Paris and an afternoon at Fontainebleau.
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*Sniff, wipes a tear from my eye* Click here -My Last Day in Paris
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It was a really rainy Monday morning and I was tired from the previous days’ activities so I got up later that morning than usual. I wandered down to the Jardin du Palais Royal and took a few photos –
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Click here to walk Le Marais.
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I had planned to escape the city for the weekend, planning to visit Vaux le Vicomte on Saturday and booked a tour to go to Auvers sur Oise and Giverny on the Sunday
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Get out your umbrellas and join me splashing through the puddles on a Rainy Monday in Paris
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Well I was off and running again. I had planned a day that concentrated on the military, the marine and the monumental with just a soupçon of the medieval.

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Click here to go to Le Weekend
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I arrived in Paris around 9 AM after a reasonably smooth, trouble-free train trip from Germany. Note to self make sure that the cabin attendant has given you a key to the compartment before leaving it at 4 AM to go to the loo and getting locked out and going in search of another attendant to reopen it for me.

I changed and showered and was ready to hit the Paris streets. I had an extra day in hand because of [personal profile] esteven’s generosity so decided to make the main destination for the day, the historical centre of Paris, the Île de la Cité and the River Seine that winds its way through the heart of the city. I could no longer visit the Temple, the prison in which Stephen and Jack were incarcerated so I decided the Conciergerie was the next best thing and would always want to revisit Ste Chappelle, such a beautiful church and of course the Île de la Cité was also Lestat’s home with Nicholas when they ran away and lived in Paris together and the most well known Parisian church, Notre Dame.

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Click here to go to Paris - Day 2


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