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Not sure this qualifies as a near death experience but I was told by the surgeon I went to see about a mastectomy of my left breast that he did not think it was worthwhile to attempt the surgery as the cancer had already spread elsewhere in my body and he thought that I had 2 maybe 5 years at the max. It's been three and half years now and I'm in great health so I think I've edged away from imminent death. I can't say I've beaten the cancer but large parts of the tumours have shrunk or died so I think I have a good chance of outliving the surgeon's predictions by a good number of years.
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The most disgusting would  probably be pig's spinal cord, grossly greasy. Pig's intestines weren't too bad in comparison - crispy like crackling.

The most disturbing would have been a meal served up to me at a residential college when I was at Uni. There were three little lambs' tongues lined up in a row on my plate.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have sat on three juries and all but the last were extremely exasperating as no verdict could be reached for various reasons. In the first case it was a deep divide between those who believed the police and those who did not and neither group would compromise and so the trial had to be re-run all over again. The same thing happened for the very same reasons on the second time I sat on a jury - this time with the added divisive issue of racism was added to the mix. The so-called perpetrator of the crime was aboriginal and those who tended to implicitly believe the police story also tended to have negative views about indigenous people in Australia.

The last one at least, the jury finally, after much wrangling could give a verdict - guilty. But again most of the argument seemed to be around people's attitude to the police. In this case I did support the prosecution case and most of the older Anglo-Australians did too. There were two jurors - one from an ex-communist state and one from a third-world country who had  justifiably jaundiced views of the police and who seemed to be judging the police more than the proof provided in the trial that the person had imported the cocaine into the country. They held out for a day or two and then I only believe they gave in, just to get out of that jury room. Then there were the young and stupid faction - two girls in their late teens (18 or 19) who just wanted to agree with the two young men (early twenties I thought) no matter what idiocies they came up with . They did not take the whole thing at all seriously and I should think that there should be a more careful assessment of people who do serve on juries.

Actually it amazes me that anyone gets convicted in Oz.
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Pig's spinal chord in one of the "authentic" Chinese restaurants in China town. Taken there by a friend from Singapore who wouldn't tell us what the food was until we had sampled some.

Pig's intestines were OK, something like crackling but pig's spinal chord, yuk!

Have had dog in China. Couldn't say it was disgusting. Just tasted like meat.
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France would be very pleasant I think.


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